The (inflatable) sex doll syndrome

Stateless, emotionless.
No right granted.
One task designed
To be completed with fear and ferociousness.

The supreme sexual object:
Does not peek
Does not touch (where it should not)
Does not judge or question you
Does not complain
Does not speak

It does not take too long… It is always ready after all

Unprovided of desires, it will be there when you need it
Always horny and virile
In its best form to satisfy your needs
But no need to reciprocate

Do not inflate it too little, it will not work hard enough
Do not inflate it too much, it may explode

It has to be there, by your side, at any time
No sudden move – otherwise it could be easily stabbed (in the back).

Here to perform its one and only one purpose,
Preferably (but not necessarily), without getting destroyed in/by the process.

No matter what, it is getting destroyed…
Inch by inch
…so what?!
Dismiss it
Replace it
It will not suffer
It is used to fall far short

Our little friend, the inflatable doll, is used to the emptiness lost in this roof… these white walls… this clean floor… to what it gives itself (on its entirety) every time it is abandoned after doing its job (and sometimes even while doing it). [Please yourself by pleasing me]


Please, don’t.


Show your colors!

Open up your heart.
Accept the colors the world has.

Don’t be selfish.
Share your colors with the world.

With this words, I start off this little article about a huge attitude.
Recently, someone from the surroundings showed me we are right for fighting oppression.
This person showed guts.
This person fought.
The voice was heard.
People’s color and hair acknowledged as rights.
Nobody can push others to disguise their roots.


Making our voice heard is hard.
If you’re not rich, it’s harder.
If you’re not white, it’s harder.
If you’re not a man, it’s harder.
If you’re not cis, it’s harder.
If you’re not straight, it’s harder.
If you don’t follow society’s beauty standards, it’s harder.
If you stand your ground, embrace your differences and fight for what you believe… then, my friend, take my hand because it will be messy.

Please don’t cut off your wings. Show me your colors!

Crying out for a huge tube of ice cream

Have you ever find yourself trapped in a bad (luck?) week?
Sometimes the way we face our problems can’t help increasing the wave of bad things happening – we’re tying ourselves to the worst part of our day.

Despite of how obvious, cheesy or cliché it may sound, problems will always appear in our way -They’re the obstacles that make us stronger, tougher and the more you face them as bad things, the more it will chase you – it’s like that bully who’ll not stop messing with your life, if you show he’s succeeding.

The more you dream, more difficulties might cross paths with you. But that’s no reason to stop dreaming. It’s a sign that you must keep GOING, DOING, MAKING things happen, bringing your dreams to reality.

Do not think you’re weaker than you really are.
Do not let others say you’re weaker than you really are.
Don’t even dare to think your problems are bigger than they really are.

But don’t quit fighting your problems. Go against the wave if you will.
At every step you take, every fear you conquer, every issue you fix, your strength raises – more problems you’ll be able to bring down.


Be the main reason you stand up every day.

Be the strength you look for!

Where are you from?

Where are you from?
Why are you here?

Such powerful questions. What do they really mean?
How many strong stereotypes do they reveal?

What if we are from the same country?
What if I am from North America?
What if I am from South America?
What if I am from Europe?
What if I am from Africa?
What if I am from Asia?
What if, What if…

Why am I here? Why…? Why not?
Should I leave?

Let’s not try to find side advantages on people we meet.

Leave your country limits on your map… leave them on paper.
Let’s see through accents, skin colors, hair styles, …
Transcendence is the word I am looking for.
Leave your judgments behind.
Let’s live life as it is.

Enjoy your differences! ^^

Broken Pokédex

People think we should be able to name everything all the time. This reveals our fear not to fully understand something, otherwise.

I want to tell you: it is okay, you don’t need to understand everyone and everything. You are here to face uncountable different minds, tastes, manias… to live with them and, more importantly, to learn from them.

If you cannot understand something, do not start crying because you have a broken Pokédex. Talk to people. You might learn something cool, but you might still not be able to put that “thing” into a labeled jar and that’s totally fine. Not everything will fit in the boxes we created.

Not all differences will be understood.
But all differences must be respected.

Thanks for stopping bi

People use to be “bi” thinkers – they see the world and themselves – to have “the other” to blame when things go wrong.
We should all be “multi” (everything is more than it seems) and “uni” (we are all one) at the same time.

Please, realize our self is shared. It influences and is influenced.

It’s easier to put the blame in the world, but the world is in us, so the blame is in us too. So when something goes wrong, start looking for causes inside of yourself first.

From mere pets to wild animals

Girls choose the strong pitbull.
Boys pick up the little fluffy poodle.
Perhaps, it’s the other way around… #whatever
But anything in the middle seems to be forgotten.

Sometimes, it seems like there is no worse place for a person than this undeniable limbo we’re thrown into.
– If you are a boy, the other boys feel intimidated by the idea of you sharing your intimacy with another gender… and girls are just disgusted by the idea you don’t leash yourself, your desires, to their little world. [I don’t really get why girls say they are disgusted by boys who kiss boys… shouldn’t straight guys feel that way about girls who have already kissed other boys then?]
– If you are a girl, men see you as a ménage machine and girls see you as this stupid chick who can’t decide between being underestimated by men or pressured by girls.

Perhaps, you haven’t heard how “crazy”, “non-confident”, “untrustworthy” and “terrible people” we are, but we’re supposedly required to “pick just one thing outta the box” and live a pathetic monosexual life as an attempt to hide, what one might call, our undecided sexuality.

But I’m gonna tell ya… there is no hotter sex, no more interesting talk, no better *skilled* person… we are cherries on top of the ice cream. We know what they like and it’s up to them to be brave (and smart) enough to enjoy the incredible experiences we (may) want to offer.

Auf Wiedersehen!